Is Cruelty To Animals Increasing? Fast Forward To Utopia

I saw two things about cruelty to animals today.  One, about a puppy, was posted by a friend on Facebook and the other was a video about cruelty to a cat that was banned on YouTube.  I didn’t read what had happened to the cat.  Maybe I’m a coward and just burying my head in the sand but I don’t see the point of reading the details when it has already happened and I can’t do anything about it and the only result is that I get upset for days afterwards.  Unfortunately, I did see the photo of the poor puppy.  At least the perpetrator of this particular crime has been named in public along with their address.  I trust that this was reported to the police and the RSPCA.

If someone has deliberately tortured an animal and there is no doubt who is responsible, when that person is found guilty they should be imprisoned for at least a year with other inmates who are animal lovers and who are incarcerated because of violent crimes.  Maybe they won’t be so quick to inflict pain on defenceless animals if they know an even worse fate awaits them.  I don’t normally condone violence but, in these cases, I will make an exception.  Fining these thugs and banning them from keeping animals is not enough.

So, is animal cruelty on the increase?  Is it at the same level it has been for many years but we just hear about it more than we would have in the past because our communication systems are faster and more efficient?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I wish we could find the answer to this problem and eradicate it.  We all deserve to live a life of peace and security, including animals.

If we all took action, whatever form that might take, how quickly could we change the world?  Report any instances of animal cruelty, give evidence if you are a witness, intervene if you are able to, sign petitions, share on social media, just do what you can.  Every little helps.

The Daily Prompt today is Fast Forward – If you could fast forward to a specific date in the future, when would it be?  I don’t have a specific date in mind but I’d like to think that one day this world will be Utopia – a good place to live for people and animals.  At the moment, it seems that day is far in the future and probably a couple of hundred years away.

Just to prove there are some good people who help animals instead of harm them, here is a story about a dog that was found swimming in the sea a mile off the coast of Florida after being reported missing 2 years ago.  Nobody knows how she got in the water.  It may have been cruelty, it may have been an accident.  Baby’s owner died a few months ago but she now has a loving new home and there is a heart-warming video in the report above.   🙂

Baby Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Report on about Baby.


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