A Strange Old Evening At The Pub Quiz

The pub quiz was back on tonight after the break for Christmas and New Year celebrations.  Yay!  It was a strange old evening tonight. My sister, Jo, told the rest of our team about something that had happened to her today.  A woman with a black dog called at her house.  The woman asked if the dog was hers and Jo said no.  The dog kept trying to get into her house.  Jo looked at the dog and said to the woman ‘He’s got a lovely face.’  She was just considering saying that she would look after the dog until the owner was found when she realised it was her dog Jonah!  She had left him in the back garden but must have left the garden gate open and he had escaped.  Jeff, my nephew, teased her by saying she could have told the woman she would put the dog in the garden with her dog, then he could have run round the front again without her knowing, been found by a woman and brought to the front door then she could have said she would put him in the garden with her dog.   😀 During the quiz, one of the questions was ‘What mythical creature similar to an elf gets its name from the Swedish for little fairy?’  We were considering all things, even leprechaun, and someone mentioned gnome.  Jeff’s girlfriend Jen said ‘It can’t be a gnome because that’s not a mythical creature, it’s a garden ornament.’  LOL  The actual answer was pixie. Jen also said ‘Is that team over there The Q & A Team?’  She doesn’t come to the quiz very often but we thought she knew that is the name of our team!  To be fair, she had meant to say something else and it was a slip of the tongue (or so she said  lol). When we stood up to leave at the end of the evening, I realised my trousers were undone.   😯 As we got outside the pub, Jo started laughing.  Can you see why in the photo of her below?

My sister Jo.

My sister Jo.

Yes, she had zipped one half of her cardigan onto her jacket!


2 thoughts on “A Strange Old Evening At The Pub Quiz

    • Jo is crazier than me! We were 3 points ahead going into the wipeout round and we answered 7 questions I think but we got one about James Bond wrong. We ended up joint second but we won the tie break. If we had just answered 2 right we would have won. xx


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