Mindfulness Can Make You Happier

Jake Kuyser very kindly reblogged my post about dumping Auld Lang Syne so I had a look at his site in return and found this very interesting article about how mindfulness can make you happier. After having a couple of very bad hours today and avoiding doing anything except watching TV to try to feel less stressed, I wish I’d read this sooner. I will most definitely be having a go at the games on mindhabits.com when I get home from work tomorrow. Thanks Jake. 🙂

Jake Kuyser

This post is about a TV documentary; Horizon – The Truth About Personality. Michael Mosley explores the latest science about how our personalities are created and whether they can be changed.


I watched a very informative episode of Horizon on the BBC. It shows two ways you could change yourself for the happier. Or at least it shows two things that Michael Mosley did which seemed to change his personality toward optimism. There is some science behind it and they do tests on Mr Mosley that seem to prove it alongside anecdotal evidence that he is happier at the end of seven weeks.

Here is the BBC Horizon page but you can’t watch the documentary there any more: BBC Two – Horizon, 2012-2013, The Truth About Personality

You can watch it via youtube here:

or here:

Please let me know in the comments below if the videos don’t work.

One of the…

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2 thoughts on “Mindfulness Can Make You Happier

    • I forgot I had to go to get shopping tonight and I had to cook the dinner after that so I didn’t get a chance to play the games as I had intended. However, I did look for smiley faces on REAL people (like when I was looking for giraffes). I did feel better today but I don’t know if it was because of that or if it was because of a short video packed with subliminal messages that I watched last night. I don’t think it would have been a fair test of the games today anyway. I often find Sundays depressing so it might be best to have a go then. xx


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