Celebrity Catchphrase and a present from Stephen Mulhern :-)

I’ve just been watching Celebrity Catchphrase.  Exactly what I needed to cheer me up after a miserable day.  The celebrities were Carol Vorderman, Michael Ball and Michelle Collins and the catchphrases were Christmas related.  There was one that showed a photo of Noel Fielding in 3rd place, Noel Gallagher in 2nd place and Noel Edmonds on top of a golden first place podium.  Have you guessed the catchphrase?  Carol Vorderman thought it was The First Golden Noel!   😯   She did a lot better after that though.  With some of the catchphrases they were all buzzing and guessing variations on a theme and still not getting it – can’t say boo to a goose, won’t say boo to a goose, shouldn’t say boo to a goose – everything except what it should have been with Michael Ball saying most of them and whacking his buzzer as hard as he could while trying to stop the other two from buzzing in.  I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

Michelle Collins told a joke:  Why didn’t Father Christmas like going out?  Because he was Claustrophobic.   🙂

There was a giraffe (yes, they are now taking over my life) on a roundabout and other wild animals in a playground in one of the catchphrases in the final round.  The answer was safari park (not very Christmassy lol).

Stephen Mulhern is doing well today.  Apart from presenting Celebrity Catchphrase, he was live on Heart Radio this morning then left that early to be live on Sunday Side Up on TV.  My alarm is set to just turn the radio on and I guess he must have been speaking while I was still asleep because I dreamed he gave me a present.   🙂   I don’t know what it was because I didn’t get to open it before I woke up.   😦   I gave him a kiss and he didn’t look very pleased lol.  Then I was chased by a big spider.  That’s dreams for you.   😀


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