What Were Your Childhood Dreams?

When I was young, I wanted to grow my hair so long that I ‘d have to carry it around in a basket on wheels like this one:

Photo credit: Amazon.co.uk

Photo credit: Amazon.co.uk

Really impractical!  Makes you wonder how I would’ve become a ballet dancer with hair that long lol.

Picture credit: vector-magz.com

Picture credit: vector-magz.com

Or a tennis player……

Picture credit: allthingsclipart.com

Picture credit: allthingsclipart.com

I also wanted to have my own horse so I could ride it to school and tie it up on the (imaginary) post outside where it would wait patiently for me all day (definitely didn’t think that one through!) and then I could ride it back home.  When I did eventually have some riding lessons I discovered I wasn’t that keen on horses.  They’re much too big and strong.  I remember my horse preferred to eat bushes rather than walk along and there wasn’t anything I could do about it!

I wanted to be an actress or an artist too.  So what did I end up doing?  Accounts.  How did that happen?


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