Doctor Who and The Vicar of Dibley (strange combination lol)

No more Christmas trees!   😦   I thought I’d show you the Christmas wreath I made last year so you won’t get withdrawal symptoms lol.  I had seen a beautiful one in Homebase which cost nearly £10 if I remember correctly.  There was no way I was going to pay that for a Christmas decoration so I bought a plastic wreath and lots of baubles from pound shops/discount stores.  The thing is, I got so carried away that I think I ended up spending more than if I’d bought one!  At least mine is unique.   🙂

My Christmas wreath.

My Christmas wreath.

The other side:

The other side of my Christmas wreath.

The other side of my Christmas wreath.

I thought I liked the side that doesn’t show the leaves best but now I’m not so sure.  Oh well, it’s sparkly anyway and that’s all that matters lol.

I watched Doctor Who round my sister’s house last night and I can’t say I was that impressed really.  The previous episode with all of the Doctors was much better.  I didn’t like the story with Matt Smith staying on one planet, Trenzalore, for hundreds of years and getting older and older during a stand-off with all of the monsters and enemies that he has ever encountered while his companion, Clara, zips back and forth to her family on Earth.  It was a bit like chucking everything into a painting because you don’t know when to stop even though, actually, less is more.  I loved Matt Smith as Doctor Who and I’m really not liking Peter Capaldi even though he was only on screen for a couple of minutes.  I would definitely not have wanted to be Clara locked in the TARDIS with him as he appears to be scarily deranged and, obviously, not looking anything like the Doctor she knows.  I think Peter Capaldi has a lot to live up to and, while I’ve heard he is a great actor, at the moment I’m not that bothered if I never see Doctor Who again.  Maybe he is exactly what the series needs, maybe not.  He may end up being my favourite Doctor.  Only time will tell (well he is a Time Lord lol).  I still think the latest Doctor should have been Benedict Cumberbatch!

In a previous post I mentioned The Vicar of Dibley episode when Geraldine, the vicar of the title, has 3 Christmas dinners with her parishioners because she doesn’t want to hurt their feelings.  When I got home from my sister’s house last night, I put the TV on and that episode was showing!  Even stranger, Peter Capaldi was in it!!!  What are the odds on that?


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