Video of dog rescued from the sea by RNLI volunteers :-)

After yesterday’s post about experiments on animals, I thought I would redress the balance a bit and share something that I saw today about an animal being helped.  Yesterday morning, a Golden Labrador was swept out to sea while it was walking with its owner in Norfolk.  International Rescue, I mean the Royal National Lifeboat Institution volunteers of Happisburgh, found it freezing and petrified on a nearby reef, managed to carry it to the boat and cuddled it all the way back to the shore.  Awwww!  There is a video of the rescue taken by one of the rescuers.  Well done to all of those involved, including some kayakers who also tried to find the dog.  There are some good people left in the world.   🙂

Video of dog being rescued by RNLI.  (Ha!  I’ve just discovered how to do an embedded link.  It’s only taken me 2 months lol)

Don’t go out tonight, it’s SCARY out there.  I nearly got blown off my feet in Southend this afternoon and I ended up looking like a drowned rat.  It would have been a relief to get in but then I had to take the hanging basket down and move the bin, wishing well, dragon and large silver balls (that make me think of ‘The Prisoner’ lol) into the shed so they don’t get picked up by the wind and thrown through a window.  How weird.  I’m watching an old episode of ‘Have I Got News For You’ and Patrick McGoohan (of ‘The Prisoner’) is one of the people in the odd one out round!!!  I’m so good at manifesting things that do not matter lol.

This is a photo of Rayleigh’s Christmas lights.

Christmas lights in Rayleigh.

Christmas lights in Rayleigh.

Here are today’s Christmas trees.   🙂

Christmas tree vector set. Picture credit:

Christmas tree vector set.
Picture credit:


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