Woman tortured in shop window in London

Cosmetic testing on woman.

Cosmetic testing on woman.

Shocking isn’t it?  Yet we do this to animals and that is O.K. because they’re not humans, right?  WRONG!!!

I saw a post on Facebook today from one of my friends about the global campaign that Lush Cosmetics ran to show people the torture that animals are subjected to in cosmetic testing.  I’ve done a little research and this seems to have happened in April 2012 but it is the first time I’d heard of it.  Cosmetic testing was banned in Europe in March 2013 but it still goes on in other countries around the world.

There are pictures of a young lady being restrained, force-fed and injected with cosmetics in a shop window in London.  Respect to her and to Lush Cosmetics and Humane Society International for running this campaign.  You can view the report that I saw first here:


There is also this from the Daily Mail:


This is a video from Lush on YouTube where you can see the woman having experiments done on her and being ‘killed’ after they have finished experimenting on her (which is what would happen to the animals):


Although this campaign was about the testing of cosmetics, animals are tortured to test many things including drugs, household products and even health foods (those beneficial bacteria yogurts).  In my opinion, NO EXPERIMENTS ON ANIMALS ARE JUSTIFIED.  We have other methods that we can and should use.

Here is a link to a list of companies that still test on animals.


If you haven’t already done so, please click on the link to BUAV below and put in your postcode to check what Early Day Motions and campaigns your MP is or is not supporting.  There are several there including experiments on cats and dogs, and testing of household products.  You can send an email to your MP just by filling in your own details.  PLEASE DO THIS.  The more of us who make our feelings known to our MPs, the more likely they are to do something about stopping experiments on animals.


On behalf of the animals, thank you.


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