Happy birthday to me! :-)

Today is my birthday.  The weather has been wet and very windy, really unpleasant to be out in.  I spent a fair chunk of the day quickly scribbling the cards I haven’t had time to do before now and Christmas shopping in Southend – rushing round the shops not knowing what to buy, frantically trying to find something that my relatives would like and feeling that I’ve failed miserably.  I can think of better ways of spending a birthday.  Never mind.

My sister gave me a birthday card with giraffes on it.   😀   A friend who doesn’t know about my blog or the mind experiment I did sent a gift to me that was wrapped in paper with giraffes on it!  What are the odds?

I’ve just turned off the film ‘Four Christmases’ halfway through – I thought it would be good but it’s not my sort of film at all.  At least I got to watch the live ‘Strictly’ final.  I won’t mention who won in case you haven’t watched it yet but it was amazing.  Now I’m going to get on with my writing course so here are today’s Christmas trees.   🙂

Cartoon Christmas trees. Picture credit: www.vectorstock.com

Cartoon Christmas trees.
Picture credit: http://www.vectorstock.com


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