Some thoughts on past-life regression and our higher selves

Here is today’s Christmas tree.

Christmas tree at local library.

Christmas tree at local library.

This tree is really pretty.  I love trees that have tinsel on them.  I know some people don’t like tinsel, they think it is tacky, but I think it looks like the tree has sparkly stoles draped round it, keeping it warm.  Anything that’s sparkly is good in my book anyway.   🙂

I thought I had better have a quick look at my email before going to bed and I’ve noticed something from Hay House that some of you may be interested in.  I’m sure my sister will be.  Brian Weiss (who has written several books about past-life regression, including ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’) is doing a workshop in London next May.  I have very mixed feelings about past lives.  I don’t think I’ve ever had the experience of going somewhere I’ve never been before and feeling that I know it.  When I’ve done past-life regression using other people’s recordings or at workshops, I’ve never been convinced that what I was seeing was me in another life and when I’ve looked in mirrors I’ve always looked the same as I do now.  However, several years ago, I tried using my own recording to go back to past lives to find out the reason why I have some health problems and (if I remember correctly) I saw myself as an ugly monk who was in love with a beautiful woman who ignored him, a cavalier who was about to get hung and a rich woman who lived in a large country house in the 18th century (possibly in France as the costume made me think of Marie Antoinette’s time period).  For every single one of these I was outside my body as if I was looking at someone else so it may not have been me at all.

I suppose it makes some people feel better to think they will live on Earth again, that this life is not the only one they will have.  I, on the other hand, am appalled at the thought of living another life here and I can’t believe I would be so stupid as to come back to Earth if I had a choice.  Maybe that is it.  Maybe we don’t get a choice.  Maybe our higher selves decide what we’re going to go through but we, as a small part of our higher selves, don’t get a say in the matter.  Also, if we are just a small part of our higher selves, if we do come back here, maybe it isn’t ‘us’ who comes back, maybe each life is lived by a different part of our higher selves.

I used to use a spirit board during my physical circle.  Although I used to take the answers with a pinch of salt most of the time, thinking of questions to ask the board made my mind work in unusual ways and when my group asked about past lives, one of the things I asked was if we can live future lives before we’ve lived past lives (because time as we know it doesn’t exist on the spiritual plane) and if we can live many lives at the same time.  If we can do that, maybe there are different parts of our higher selves who are living those lives so what we think of as ‘us’ only actually ever lives one life.

Wow, it’s a bit late for this sort of mind-bending, convoluted thinking!  I’m not even sure that makes sense lol.


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