Films on TV at Christmas and New Year

Here are today’s Christmas trees.

Vector graphics Christmas tree gift tags

Vector graphics Christmas tree gift tags

I’ve spent nearly all day traipsing around the shops, trying to get Christmas presents for everyone.  Still loads to get – looks like it will be a trip to eBay and

There are a lot of films on over Christmas and New Year that I haven’t seen before (but then I don’t get out much lol).

‘Four Christmases’ is on at 9.00 pm on C4 on Saturday 21st December (did I mention that’s my birthday?   🙂   ).  It stars Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon who are unable to have their usual vacation because of fog and have to spend Christmas Day with their four divorced parents.  It sounds like that episode of ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ when Geraldine (the vicar) has to have several Christmas dinners with her parishioners so she doesn’t offend or upset anyone.

‘Toy Story 3’ starring Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear is on Christmas Day at 3.20 pm on BBC1 but I’m not sure I want to see this one because I think I’ll get upset as I’ve just looked at a synopsis of the film.  Andy, who owns the toys, is now 17 and leaving them to go to college.  His mother accidentally donates the toys to Sunnyside Daycare where they are treated roughly by the children and imprisoned by a bear called Lotso and his gang.  I can’t watch ‘E.T.’ either.   😦

‘Iron Man 3’ is on Sky Premiere at 8.00 pm on Christmas Day.  Robert Downey Jr stars as billionaire inventor Tony Stark aka superhero Iron Man who is trying to catch a terrorist who is behind a series of bombings around the world.  Stark also has to deal with two figures from his past and he is suffering from anxiety after the action of ‘Avengers Assemble.’  I saw the first one and that was good.  I think it’s clever the way ‘Iron Man 3’, ‘Avengers Assemble’ and the latest Thor movie plus ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ are all connected and their stories follow on from one another (also, no doubt, it makes a lot more money for the film-makers).

On Friday 3rd January at 8.00 pm on Sky Premiere is ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ starring Chris Pine as the young Captain Kirk, Zachary Quinto (who was brilliant as the evil Sylar in ‘Heroes’) as Spock and Benedict Cumberbatch as a rogue Starfleet officer.  He should have been the new Doctor Who.  This one has to be good.   😀

Oh, I’ve just noticed that ‘The Bishop’s Wife’ and ‘Harvey’ are both showing on Monday 23rd December.  These two I have seen before.  ‘The Bishop’s Wife’ stars Cary Grant as an angel called Dudley who comes to Earth to help a bishop (played by David Niven) and his wife (Loretta Young).  There is a scene when Dudley decorates the tree without touching it and it’s stunning.  When I decided to post a different Christmas tree every day on the run-up to Christmas Day, that tree was the first one I thought of but the stills I’ve found of it do not do it justice.  You have to watch the film, it’s magical – but it’s on BBC2 at 9.20 am when I’m at work!!!  I’ll have to try to make room to record it.  ‘Harvey’ stars James Stewart as an amiable and eccentric middle-aged man called Elwood P Dowd who has a 6ft 3.5in white rabbit for a friend.  Except the rabbit is actually a pooka which is a mischievous creature from Celtic mythology.  And it is invisible.  So, guess what?  Nobody believes him.  Another magical must-see film.  It is on at 1.00 pm (grrr!) on C5.  Now all we need is ‘Arsenic and Old Lace.’  Chaaaaarge!   😀


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