Up On The Roof!

Blue Christmas Card Picture credit: www.dryicons.com

Blue Christmas Card
Picture credit: http://www.dryicons.com


Today’s Christmas tree is above.  I am LOVING vector graphics.  I’d never heard of them until I started searching for Christmas trees to post on here.  Now I’m thinking I should learn how to do them.  They’re beautiful.

For those of you who registered for Jean Houston’s talk but were not able to listen at 1.00 am, I’ve been in touch with the organisers and received this reply “If you weren’t able to attend this seminar live, there will be an encore of the event on Monday, December 16 at 5 pm Pacific. If you are unable to make the encore, an audio recording will be available. We will send an email with access to the recording once it is ready.”  Guess I won’t be finding out what my life’s purpose is until after my deadline of Sunday evening then!

Now, to change the subject completely, this is the view from the window next to my desk at work.

View from my window at work.

View from my window at work.

It’s not great but at least it hasn’t got bars across it any more since this new window was installed recently so now it feels (slightly) less like prison!  We often get pigeons walking about out there and sometimes there is a pair of magpies too.  I took a photo of one of them a couple of days ago.

Magpie on roof.

Magpie on roof.

Here it is in close up.

Magpie on roof - close up.

Magpie on roof – close up.

I know it doesn’t look like it but it definitely had 2 legs lol.  It’s interesting being able to see birds hopping along on the roof but when I was first moved upstairs at the end of March this year, we had a VERY unexpected visitor a couple of times.  A beautiful fox was walking about on the roof and it came over to the window and looked in.  We think someone must have been feeding it but then it stopped coming to see us.   😦

A few years ago, a young seagull fell off the roof.  It didn’t seem to be hurt so we put it up on our flat roof and I fed it tinned mackerel and sardines until it was able to fly off with its mother.  I called it Buster.  I don’t know why, it just looked like a Buster.   😀


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