Today’s Christmas tree, my sister’s birthday and her 2 dogs

Here is today’s Christmas tree.  Very pretty.   🙂

Snowflake  Christmas Tree Picture credit:,com

Snowflake Christmas Tree
Picture credit:,com

It was my sister’s birthday today so we had dinner at a local pub then went to the quiz where our team came first out of 8 teams and we won £21 between four of us.  I think she had a good birthday.   🙂

Here is a photo of her 2 dogs, Jonah and Jubilee.

Jonah and Jubilee

Jonah and Jubilee

I couldn’t believe it on Saturday when I said to Jonah “You’ve got your Christmas tree up!  Where’s the tree?” and he went straight over to it and touched it with his nose!  Then when I went to take these photos, he actually POSED for them!  Seriously.  He looked right at me until I took the photo, both times.  Amazing.  He is very intelligent but he is also boisterous and mischievous.  While I was looking after him, he found a piece of plastic (I think).  I could hear him chewing something but every time I tried to get hold of him to take it out of his mouth, he ran away.  He thought it was a great game making me run round and round the table!  In the end I just sat on the settee, completely frustrated, and he jumped up next to me and sat down.  ‘At last,’ I thought. ‘I’ve got him.’  I went to get hold of the piece of well-chewed plastic and he swallowed it!!!   Arghhhh!  I thought Jo would go loopy when I told her but she just said ‘He eats a lot of plastic I think.’  And there was me having visions of her rushing to the vet and blaming me because I hadn’t looked after him properly, which is impossible unless you leave him in his cage.  I’ll know to do that next time!



Poser! lol


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