Does this video show a UFO and is our world a giant hologram?

Here is today’s Christmas tree.  It is my sister’s tree.   🙂

My sister's Christmas tree.

My sister’s Christmas tree.

Check out the video below.!slide=aol_1594445

Does the video above show a UFO?  Yes because it is a flying object that has not been identified so it is an Unidentified Flying Object.  Is it an alien spacecraft?  Well, that’s a different matter.  I’m sure the USA military forces have aircraft that we know nothing about but I also think it is arrogant to believe humans are the only life form that is capable of building spacecraft and travelling to other planets.  It is quite possible that aliens are visiting us from other dimensions, not just other planets.

I read a lot of spiritual books and it seems to be a common belief that everything is energy, that we continue to exist after our physical bodies have died and that this reality is not real at all, it is more like a hologram and our real existence is in the spirit world.  If it is true that this world is a giant hologram that responds to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions then anything is possible and the more people who believe that aliens could visit us, the more likely it is to happen (if it hasn’t already and I find it hard to believe that entities from other planets/dimensions have never been here in all of the millions of years that the Earth has existed).

Some people might argue that if aliens have visited us, why haven’t they made themselves known to us?  Let me turn that around and ask you this – if you were an alien, would you announce yourself to humanity?  Hell, no!  We’d shoot an alien as soon as look at it or we’d capture it and do experiments on it (which we may have already done at Roswell – unless you believe the story that it was a weather balloon and crash test dummies).  If aliens did land here their technology would be far superior to ours so they should be able to defend themselves easily but maybe they prefer to just watch us shoot each other and the only thing that would stop us from fighting each other is if we all joined forces to wage war against aliens!


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