It’s snowing!!!!!

On my blog anyway lol.  As I was coming home after getting shopping in our local supermarket I saw that our neighbourhood Christmas tree had been put up.

Our local Christmas tree

Our neighbourhood Christmas tree

No, I wasn’t impressed either.   😦   I think I might put a different Christmas tree on my blog every day.  Maybe that will get me in the mood for Christmas.   😀   Normally, by the time I feel in the Christmas spirit, it’s all over!

I’m watching ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ while I’m writing this post.  Is anyone else sick of Joey Essex saying everything is sick?  Yesterday I went on Twitter and saw that Ant and Dec have a word challenge – someone suggests a word and they have to say it during the programme.  Today’s word was shenanigans.  I work at an estate agent and our salesmen used to play that game when they were on the phone lol.

I’ve just previewed the post and the Christmas tree looks good (well, better) with the snow falling round it.  I hadn’t realised the snow goes across the whole page, I thought it just went across my fractal at the top and down the sides.  It’s white snow on a white page – duh!  And everyone thinks Joey Essex is thick – I could give him a run for his money lol.  Ooh, I’ve just discovered you can make the snow change direction by moving the cursor.   😀


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