Is your Christmas tree up yet?

I haven’t put my Christmas tree up yet but I’m sure some of you have.  The shops have had theirs on display for weeks.  The run-up to Christmas seems to start earlier every year.  Next year I expect Christmas decorations to be in the shops immediately Easter is over.  By the way, it is Christmas, not ‘Xmas’ or ‘the Holidays’ please.  It is named after Jesus Christ and (even though nobody knows exactly when it was) we are celebrating his birth.  It seems that is forgotten these days and people seem to think it is just about getting presents and time off work.  Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men (that includes women).

While I was looking for a photo of my Christmas tree from a previous year (I had loads of photos and I can’t find any   😦   ), I came across this photo of my cats, taken in March 2012.  Scary eyes!

Bonnie and Clyde - my two zombie cats! lol

Bonnie and Clyde – my two zombie cats! lol

Update on getting my post about stopping experiments on animals retweeted:  I did pluck up courage to ask Simon Cowell to retweet but he didn’t.  Not surprised really.  I don’t think Twitter is the way forward with this so I’ll have to think of something else.

I discovered last night, with about 30 minutes to go to the end of the month, that I was supposed to share every post I did during November on the NaBloPoMo site!  Whoops!  Never mind, I know I completed the challenge and that’s all that matters to me.   🙂


2 thoughts on “Is your Christmas tree up yet?

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