Dolphins help humans to catch fish

Photo credit

This evening I caught about half an hour of a programme called Animal Odd Couples, shown on BBC1.  It documented the unusual relationships between humans and various animals.

There was a woman who has a strong bond with some lions.  The great thing about this story is that there is a plan to release them back into the wild.  It is generally believed that animals that have been in prolonged close contact with humans will not be able to integrate into the wild.  The aim is to prove this wrong.  If it is successful, other animals may be released into their natural habitats, where they belong.   🙂

There was also a man who was followed about by a goose, a man who lets a buffalo into his house and another man who has joined a pack of hyenas.  According to the TV listings there was also a polar bear and a hippo featured but, unfortunately, I joined the programmed too late to see them.

The last relationship explored was the one between some dolphins and fishermen from Laguna in Brazil.  The dolphins herd mullet towards the beach, then they give a signal to the fishermen for them to cast their nets to catch the fish.  It is thought that the benefit the dolphins receive is that the shoal of fish is broken up by the nets, making it easier for the dolphins to catch them.

I’ve found this clip from Human Planet, another programme from the BBC.

On a sadder note, I found out this evening that Lewis Collins has died.  I used to watch him in The Cuckoo Waltz and The Professionals and I thought he was lovely.  I remember, many years ago, seeing his signed photograph on the wall in a cafe in Cornwall and I was thrilled that I was in a place where he had been.  He will be missed by many fans.


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