Could we create Jurassic Park for real?

Scientists in Spain are trying to clone an extinct species of mountain goat from cells that were preserved in liquid nitrogen.  They managed to do this but the goat died just minutes after being born. Should we be doing this?  What are we going to do if we do manage to clone them and they thrive?  Will we hunt them to extinction again?  You can view the report about the cloning here:

I’m sure lots of people love the idea of creating a real Jurassic Park.  Yes, it would be thrilling to see dinosaurs walking the Earth once again but what would happen if they escaped?  Probably exactly the same as what happened yesterday when 5 wolves escaped from Colchester Zoo in Essex.  One returned to the enclosure, one was shot with an anaesthetic dart and recaptured but the other 3 were shot dead as they had escaped from the zoo’s grounds and they posed a risk to the public.  Sarah Forsyth, the zoo’s curator, said ‘An anaesthetic dart can take 15 minutes or more to work. In a highly stressed or excited animal it may not work at all.’  They managed to use a dart on the wolf that was still close to the enclosure so why couldn’t they have used darts on the other 3 wolves?  Surely the public could have been kept off the streets until these animals were caught?  Police searched a nearby wood for several hours before the last wolf was killed.  Excuse me – searched a WOOD?  Not near people then.  There MUST have been a better way to handle this!  We do not have the right to keep these animals in enclosures for us to look at anyway.  We most definitely do NOT have the right to kill them without attempting to recapture them first.  You can read the report here (WARNING: there are some photos of the wolf’s body (in a black bag) being carried away by police):

Going back to Jurassic Park, there is an Australian billionaire who would like to build one.  It is unlikely that we will ever be able to clone dinosaurs as their DNA has not survived but he is going to have 165 dinobots instead!  All I can say to this is one word:  Westworld!!!  If you don’t know what happens in that film, look it up!

Very entertaining report lol.


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