Has a boy killed by a tornado in May appeared in a photo in July?

Today I saw an article about a boy, Nicolas McCabe, who was killed in a tornado in May but who has apparently appeared in a photo of his cousin taken during Fourth of July celebrations.  You can read more and see the photo here:

Nicolas McCabe, Boy Killed In Tornado, ‘Appears’ In Mysterious Family Photograph (PICTURES).

You can make up your own mind about whether you think this is a photo of Nicolas or not.  Personally, I do think our spirit continues to live after death and that we are capable of coming back to visit our families.  What is very strange, I think, is that the figure behind actually looks more solid than the little girl in the front!

In the past, I’ve run a physical mediumship circle and I’ve been a member of other people’s psychic mediumship circles.  I’ve heard EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) at various times but the best one I think was where a group of us were talking and when we played back the recording there were men’s voices but there were only women present and we didn’t hear anything while we were talking.  The odd thing about EVPs is that they seem to get stronger the more you play them back.  Also, they often sound like they have been whispered.

I’ve been touched a few times by spirit as well.  One time, when I was alone downstairs at home (my daughter was in her room upstairs), I was trying to do a subliminal CD for a friend and I was having trouble getting the balance right between the music and the suggestions.  It was very late and I was extremely tired but, being a perfectionist, I wanted to do the best job I could and I kept redoing it.  Then I felt a firm push on my right shoulder.  I wasn’t frightened at all.  I took it as a sign from my master guide, Yu Chen, that the CD was as good as it was going to get and I just thought “Thank goodness, I can go to bed!”  Thinking about it now, my reaction was actually quite odd lol!


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