Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

Did you see the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who tonight?  Awesome or what?  To be honest, I was expecting to be disappointed.  That always seems to happen when something has been given a big build-up but The Day of the Doctor was written by the brilliant Stephen Moffat so I shouldn’t have worried.

This episode had 3 of the Doctors interacting for most of the episode.  I won’t give too much away in case you haven’t seen it yet but there were funny remarks between the three Doctors, time-travel (of course, though not just in the TARDIS), a historical figure (I always like the ones where the story incorporates real people and/or events), aliens (in this case shape-shifting Zygons) and a brilliant storyline with a few surprises.  Incredible.  I bet it looked amazing in 3D at the cinema where it was being shown at the same time as the television broadcast.  If you missed this remarkable episode you can watch it on BBC iPlayer here:   Enjoy!   😀

Bring on Sherlock next!  Yay!


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