Nostalgia – Toys

Today I thought I’d write about some of the toys from my childhood.  Funnily enough, when I was getting the shopping in the Co-op tonight, they were playing records from 1965 and mentioned the first toy on my list which is…….

Spirograph – a geometric drawing toy that produced pretty, repeating patterns.  It was a combination of maths and art – just like my fractals!   🙂   Here are some of the patterns you could make:  We also used to make similar geometric patterns by sewing coloured thread onto card.

Etch-A-Sketch – a box that looked like a TV screen or computer monitor that had 2 knobs at the bottom to make a stylus move either vertically or horizontally to draw a line by displacing aluminium powder on the back of the screen.  It was really frustrating trying to make a curve.  You had to wiggle the knobs and it just made a jagged diagonal line lol.  I’ve just done a search and came up with some amazing pictures done on an Etch-A-Sketch.  How did these people have the patience and skill to do these?  Respect!

Kernockers – 2 balls (made of glass I think) joined together by a cord with a metal ring in the middle.  You had to hold the ring and move your hand up and down to make the balls start knocking together then you had to move your hand really fast to make the balls bang together above your hand and below it.  Made a terrible racket.  I loved mine and I was really good at it too!  Some kids broke their wrists so they changed the design to smaller plastic balls but they weren’t as good.  Here is a picture of one (or is it a pair?)

Space Hoppers – a big, orange, rubber ball that you sat on and bounced up and down.  It was harder to do than it looked (or maybe I was doing it wrong).  It had a silly face printed on it and you had to hold on to its horns (I don’t think they were ears because they were twisted).

Lady Penelope’s Secret 3 – I didn’t remember it was called that but I remember having Lady Penelope’s compact that had a gun that could be fired hidden inside.  You can see one here:

I’m sure you can think of lots more toys from your childhood.   🙂


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