Nostalgia – Sweets and Ice Cream

At work today, my friend and I were thinking about sweets that we had when we were young that (mostly) you can’t get any more.  Do you remember any of these?

Space Dust – candy that popped in your mouth.

Spangles – square, fruit-flavoured, boiled sweets.

Mint Cracknel – chocolate-covered, brittle mint strands that were like fibre glass.  Would probably contravene health and safety laws these days.   🙂   Talking of which, so would

Sherbet Fountains – a tube of sherbet with a hollow licorice “straw”.  When you sucked the sherbet up through the licorice you ended up choking.  Happy days! lol

Galaxy Counters – Galaxy was, in my opinion, the best chocolate and Counters were silky-smooth, melt-in-the-mouth, small chocolate discs.  You can buy them now but they’re bigger and they don’t taste the same.  I don’t think it’s just because they’re bigger, I think they’ve changed the recipe.   😦

Flying Saucers – sherbet inside disc-shaped rice paper.  Ditto above – you can get them now but they don’t taste the same.

Toffos – individually-wrapped chewy toffee that came in different flavours including mint and banana.  I’d forgotten about these until I did a search for discontinued sweets.

Fry’s Five Centres – my friend reminded me about these chocolate bars.  There were 5 sections, each with a different flavour (orange, raspberry, lime, strawberry and pineapple).  Also mentioned by my friend were

Sherbet Dib Dabs (or were they Dip Dabs?) – a lollipop in a bag of sherbet.  I think you can still get these.

Walnut Whips – whipped vanilla fondant in a cone of chocolate with half a walnut on the top.  Yes, I know you can still buy these but you can’t get them the way we used to have them because THERE USED TO BE HALF A WALNUT IN THE BOTTOM TOO!  Suddenly they just stopped making them with the walnut in the bottom.  It’s not the same.   😦

Jubblies – basically a massive block of fruit-flavoured ice in a packet.  We would snip the corner off the packet and suck the fruit juice out of the ice to be left with, well, a massive block of ice! lol  I’ve seen smaller versions in The Discount Store in Southend but it’s not the same if it’s not a MASSIVE block of ice (or did it just seem big because we were small?)

And do you remember fancying an ice cream, going into a sweet shop and saying “Can I have a Funny Face please?” and the shopkeeper saying “You’ve already got one.” lol  They were lovely though (the Funny Faces, not the shopkeepers)   🙂

I might add more to this list at a later date if I think of any others because this has been fun!   😀


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