Teacup cats

The daughter of one of the partners where I work brought her kitten in to the office today.  It was pure white and sat happily on a colleague’s lap, looking cute.  I thought it was about 6 weeks old but it turns out it was 6 months old!  These tiny cats are called teacup cats and, apparently, they have become fashionable because Kim Kardashian has one.  I’ve had a little look on the internet and a lot of people think there is no such thing as a teacup cat and that it is just the runt of the litter.  Either way they are likely to have health problems which is a shame.  A runt is likely to be underdeveloped and sickly whereas a teacup cat will probably have genetic problems from inbreeding to make it small.

Funnily enough, when I logged onto the internet tonight, I saw a story about another very small animal.  Neo, a one month old Kirk’s dik-dik (a very small antelope) is being looked after by his eight month old sister Aluna as their mother rejected both of them. You can see Neo and Aluna here:


Cute!   🙂


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