Why are computers/websites so complicated and user UNfriendly?

I’ve been trying to set up a channel on YouTube so I can upload some videos of my cats.  I haven’t got very far yet as I’m confused already (it doesn’t take much lol).  I want to use the same fractal as the one I have at the top of this site so there is continuity.  I changed the fractal in Fractal Explorer (the program that I’ve used for all of my fractals so far) to the pixel size that YouTube recommended and saved it as a png file.  Then I uploaded it to YouTube.  The image looked great on all of their platforms whether it was cropped like it is above or it was the full picture.  I was really pleased.  Then a message popped up saying it was too big!  Why did it let me upload it then?  Grrrrrrrr!!!  Hopefully my daughter will be able to sort it out for me as she is brilliant with computers.

Another site I really do not get is Facebook.  Apart from the obvious complaint about people just putting what they’ve had for breakfast, I can never find anything!  I go round and round in circles and I never know if I’m supposed to post on my timeline under my status or if I should write somewhere else.  If I do post on there I don’t know if it is just me who can see the comment or if anyone else can view it so I avoid using Facebook.  It’s so user unfriendly.  I’m starting to sound like Victor Meldrew – I don’t belieeeeeeeve it!  I have a guide who looks like him but he is from New York and he is called Rocky.  I can’t imagine Victor Meldrew talking in an American accent lol.  Believe it or not he is my fun guide   😯   (Rocky, not Victor Meldrew).  That could explain why my life is so bad.   😀

I quite like Twitter as I can see what celebrities are getting up to and some of the comments are amusing.  However, I’ve set myself a challenge that I’m struggling with.  I think my post about stopping experiments on animals is very important.  If enough people see the message and write to their MPs we may be able to get the number of experiments reduced and, eventually, get them stopped completely so I want to try to get the link retweeted by some celebrities but I have 2 problems.  The first one is that the link is so long it takes up half of the character allowance (I should have thought of that and made it shorter   😦   ) and the other problem is that I’m scared.  I’m watching The Jonathan Ross Show and as I just typed that I was scared I saw an advert for e.on that had 2 penguins coming out of a walk-in fridge.  A penguin is one of the signs of my spirit guide Ben so I think he is trying to give me support.  I’m not even sure what I’m scared of.  I guess the worst that can happen is that they just ignore my tweet.  I suddenly thought tonight that Simon Cowell is a dog lover so I’ve started following him and he has over 8 million followers!!!  Can you imagine what could be achieved if all of those followers wrote to their MPs?  Looking at his tweets though I don’t think he retweets anything.  If anyone reading this is braver than me, please share this link with someone you are following on Twitter  https://lynnesartandsoul.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/please-help-to-stop-experiments-on-animals-please-reblogshare-this/   I know I have to do this for the animals.  I’ve just got to figure out what I can write to persuade celebrities to read the post, write to their MP and retweet the link when I’ve only got very limited space.

To change the subject completely, at last Susanna and Kevin have got 10s on Strictly Come Dancing.  I’ve been sticking up for them from the start and, in my opinion, they have been under marked a lot of the time.  There are quite a few celebrities who could win this year and I think Susanna is in with a chance.  She’ll probably go out now lol.


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