Shorts, sparkles, sidestepping strangers and a serenade

Walking along Southend High Street after work tonight, one of the first things I saw was a man wearing shorts!  It was dark and very cold (I was wearing gloves).  Why do men wear shorts no matter what the weather?  I’ve even seen a man wearing shorts when it was snowing!  Yes, really.  Is it because they are trying to prove they are tougher than other men or do they just want everyone to think they’re “hot”?   🙂

The next thing I saw was a little girl wearing shoes that sparkled with different coloured lights every time she took a step.  I’ve seen trainers that have just one or two lights on them before but these looked like magic, glittering in the darkness.  Every little girl’s dream.  I want some!!!

After that I had to cross the road and right in front of me was a cute guy so I started to go to one side, expecting him to move away from me but he didn’t and we nearly ended up dancing in the middle of the street.  Don’t you just love it when that happens?   😦

I went in Sainsbury’s (another “s” lol) and saw two more men in shorts.  I’ve obviously moved on from manifesting giraffes and I’m now vibrating at shorts level (that just sounds rude LOL).  I’ve read that everyone is made of energy that vibrates at different rates according to what you are thinking and feeling and what you manifest depends on what rate you are vibrating at.  You can raise your vibration to a higher level by thinking happier thoughts and this is supposed to help you to attract better experiences, however, there can be other factors (eg limiting beliefs, depression, guilt, anxiety, fear) that you may not be aware of lurking in the background that prevent you from getting the happiness you desire.

After doing my shopping, I was struggling to the bus stop with my heavy bags when I heard what sounded like a tin whistle playing tunelessly.  I thought there must be a child behind me but then I noticed someone coming towards me who had a hat on with flashing lights on it.  As I got closer I realised it was a man who was pulling a shopping trolley on wheels behind him and playing (I use the term loosely) a tin whistle!  What level am I vibrating at to manifest that?  O.K., strictly speaking it wasn’t a serenade as in the title of this post.  It wasn’t even a song really but “random tooting” on a tin whistle doesn’t begin with “s” and that is the theme for today – things beginning with “s”.  The more I think about it the more I wonder if he was Doctor Who (well, Patrick Troughton, the 2nd Doctor Who, used to wear hats and play a recorder).  You can see him and get more information about him here:  My world is very weird sometimes.

The last “s” is coming up – Strictly Come Dancing is at Blackpool tomorrow.  It’s the home of ballroom dancing and it should be an amazing show!  Alright I lied.  “Show” was the last “s”.   🙂


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