I went to our pub quiz with my sister, my nephew and some friends last night.  After 5 rounds there is a break while everyone’s answer sheets are marked before we do the wipe out round.  Our team has taken to playing games during this break.  The one we like the most involves all of us writing the names of real people or imaginary characters on small cards then we take it in turns to describe the person and the others have to guess who it is.  That is the first round.  For the second round we use the same cards but we are only allowed to use one word to describe them.  The last round is the funniest because we have to mime the characters.

There were some very difficult people to guess including The Pink Power Ranger!  One of the people we had to mime was Katie Price (easy lol – for anyone who doesn’t know, she was a glamour model known as Jordan who was famed for her surgically enhanced breasts).  I had to mime the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.   🙂  Those were two of the people I wrote down (my friend who wasn’t playing the game had suggested Katie Price – I’m not taking credit for that idea lol).  Somebody else I wrote down was José Mourinho who is a football (soccer) manager who is known as The Special One.  I call my umbrella José after him because it is my special umbrella and I had it with me last night.  It was on the floor so when I had to mime José Mourinho, I pointed between my legs at the umbrella then tried to mime putting the umbrella up.  My sister thought I was miming Miley Cyrus with her sponge finger!   😯   That was probably my fault for saying that was the easy way to mime her  lol.

Another person I wrote down was Richard Osman who is a co-presenter on the TV quiz show Pointless with Alexander Armstrong.  He is 6’7″ tall so once everyone knew he was one of the names (from the description in the first round) he was easy to mime.  The reason I am mentioning him is because when the pub quiz resumed with the wipe out round, one of the ten questions was “Which TV programme does Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present?”   😯   Now, who manifested that almost instantly?  Me or my super-manifestor sister lol?


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