The Moaning of Life (I hope this doesn’t offend anyone)

I’m just watching the third episode of Karl Pilkington: The Moaning of Life.  Most people seem to think Karl is not normal because there are so many things he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to experience and he has an odd way of looking at things.  I totally understand his point of view and, yes, I moan a lot too lol.

In this episode Karl was finding out about fertility and having children.  He started off in Japan but he didn’t get much sleep the first night because there was something in his bath.  I expected it to be a big spider or maybe a snake but it turned out to be a turtle that he had rescued the night before when he had bought it from a restaurant that was going to cook it!  He called it Tony.  Karl had to keep getting up to check the turtle hadn’t strangled itself on the plug chain and he said it was proof he would not be any good with a baby as he would keep poking it and worrying about it.  He was annoyed with himself because if he had gone down a different street he wouldn’t have known about it so he wouldn’t have worried about it.  That’s just the sort of thing I would think lol.  I’m such a worrier.  Karl didn’t know what to do with the turtle.  He tried local aquariums but they were not interested.  In the end he found a river and set it free.  It swam away happily.  In a previous episode he rescued a goat that was going to be killed.  He had to run a long race in sweltering heat to try to win it.  I think it is great that he cares about animals so much.

Karl says some really peculiar and totally unexpected things that make me laugh out loud.  He went to have his sperm tested and he said he was surprised he won the race to the egg because he is not a good swimmer!  When he saw his sperm under a microscope they were swimming about all over the place.  He said they didn’t know where they were going so they’ve got his characteristics as he doesn’t go the direct route, he takes his time.  He got to watch a baby being born (eventually, at 2.30 am).  When he saw just the head sticking out of the mother he said “That’s just sat there like it’s got some sort of weird polo neck on.”  I thought I had a strange mind lol.

At one point he said “Who’s the mental one here?  Is it me or everyone else?”  That’s what I think most of the time but really I know it’s everyone else!   😉


4 thoughts on “The Moaning of Life (I hope this doesn’t offend anyone)

  1. His wits and dissimilarities are definitely signification that we’re not entitled to think along the lines of others. You’re definitely not alone, as I, too, enjoy a sarcastic or different approach to situations. “Normal” is boring!


  2. Oh how I laughed, at the show and now at your post. Define normal I say, normal is as normal does, what is normal for one may not be normal to the next person, that is what makes us, us!


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