Inspirational! This young lady is awesome (+ a bit of tapping for great things)

I had planned to spend the whole day today catching up on the 50,000 word novel I am supposed to be writing during November for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  So far I’ve done about 750 words.  Not bad I hear you say but that total is not for today, it’s for the whole month!!!   😦   😦   😦    I had told myself I wouldn’t do any housework or go out to the shops.  The plan was to get up (reasonably) early, get washed and dressed, have breakfast then take the laptop to my room so I can’t watch TV and just get writing!  So far I’ve taken ages getting ready, done some washing and looked at things on the internet.

While I was generally procrastinating, I saw an article about a 24 year old young lady called Lizzie Velasquez who has a genetic condition called Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome which causes premature ageing and decreased fat under the skin so she can’t put on weight (she only weighs 4.3 stone).  Obviously she is extremely thin but she is also more susceptible to illnesses due to her frailness, she has a weak foot which fractures because there is a lack of tissue and fat to protect it when she walks on it and she has to take constant breaks during the day otherwise she becomes dizzy and tired.  When she was only 15, Lizzie saw a YouTube video of herself entitled “The Most Ugly Woman In The World” which had had over 4,750,000 hits when she found it.  Viewers had made cruel comments about the video including asking why she had not been aborted by her parents.

Can you imagine how Lizzie must have felt when she saw this?  How would you have felt if it had been you?  This girl was only 15.  Something like that is hard enough when you are an adult but she was still a child. This is what she said: “The number on the bottom – 4,790,642 – is how many views it had when I found it. I felt like someone was literally putting their hand through the computer screen and punching me over and over.”

Why are people so cruel and why was this allowed on YouTube when it is obvious she would not have given her consent?  As far as I am aware, you are not allowed to publish photographs of people without their permission so how could this have happened?  The internet can be a wonderful thing but it can also be a monster, particularly when people think they have anonymity.  I know how easy it can be to get carried away with comments when you are at home on your own, writing on your computer and you cannot see the faces of the people who are reading those comments (in my case I have sometimes made jokes that people may have found offensive and I’m trying to be more careful now).  It can feel like there is nobody there and you are the only one who can see what you are writing.  I think the golden rule should be REMEMBER THERE ARE REAL PEOPLE READING THIS – DON’T WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT SOMEBODY ELSE IF YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO HEAR A COMMENT LIKE THAT ABOUT YOURSELF.   (I tried to write that in gold but I couldn’t read it properly so I thought it should be in red as a warning)

Instead of hiding away after seeing the YouTube video, Lizzie has gone to university, written 2 books (one is about her life and the other is an advice book for young people to help them cope with abusive behaviour and low self-esteem) and she does motivational speaking.  She wants to create a business that prevents bullying.  There is a TV programme about her on Monday 11th November at 10.00 pm on TLC UK.

What a truly inspirational young lady.  You can read the full story here:

Then I came across one of many tapping videos by Brad Yates.  I’ve not seen this one before so I was obviously supposed to find it today.  Tapping on various parts of the face and body while saying phrases about something that is troubling you is supposed to make those feelings disappear from your energy system.  You can also tap good things into your energy system.  I like tapping with Brad.  He is very calm and easy to tap along with.  If you are new to tapping, please watch the short disclaimer video first before doing the tapping video.  

Disclaimer video:

This one is about tapping to allow great things into your life.  Enjoy!   🙂

Well, that’s my (very long) post for today.  At least I haven’t left it until this evening and the usual mad scramble to get it published at 11.55 pm lol.  Now, what else can I do instead of my novel?   🙂


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