Thor and Ender’s Game

I had today off work and went to the cinema with my daughter.  We saw two films, one after the other.  The first one was “Thor: The Dark World” then we quickly went to get tickets to see “Ender’s Game” with just 5 minutes to spare before it started.

I really enjoyed “Thor”.  The special effects were brilliant (we saw it in 3D) and Chris Hemsworth is very easy on the eye lol.  I like Loki though.  I think his character is much more interesting than Thor and he does shape shifting which is always good.   🙂   If you want to know the plot (in great detail with spoilers lol), click here:  Otherwise, basically, it is about Thor battling to save Earth and all of the Nine Realms.  There are dark elves, objects disappearing through portals and appearing in other places, spaceships and a naked Stellan Skarsgård.  Yesterday, on “This Morning”, I saw a report about Jaime Alexander (who plays Sif) that said she went commando in a very revealing dress at the Los Angeles premiere of “Thor”.  You can see the dress (and most of Jaime Alexander!) here:

“Ender’s Game” is about a young cadet called Andrew “Ender” Wiggin who is trained to battle an alien species called the formics who had previously attacked Earth.  You can read the detailed plot of this film here:’s_Game_(film)  I didn’t know anything about this film before I saw it.  I’m not too keen on this type of plot where a teenager has to save the world as it is so unbelievable and there were parts of this film where I almost laughed out loud and it is not a comedy.  As I said to my daughter, “Thor” was much more believable! LOL   🙂


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