Dave Myers & Karen dance the Paso to ‘I Would Do Anything For Love…’ – Strictly Come Dancing – BBC – YouTube

2nd day of November, 2nd post for NaBloPoMo.

I love “Strictly” and tonight was the Halloween special where the costumes, make up and sets are spooky.  I’ve recorded it so I can watch it again as I missed some of the comments of the judges while I was rescuing my hanging basket, dragon statue, wooden wishing well and silver balls from the garden as the wind is picking up again tonight and if it gets as bad as last Monday’s St. Jude storm I could end up losing them or getting them thrown through my window!  Anyway, I was a little disappointed with the music but after several years of doing the Halloween special I guess they are running out of scary songs.

I think maybe it is Dave Myers’ time to go.  Yes, he is a lovely person and his paso doble a couple of weeks ago was so funny it makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it but his dancing is pretty dire and we’re getting to the stage where good dancers could go out of the competition because people are voting to keep him in.  If you click on the link below, you can see his paso doble.  For anyone who didn’t see it, it was “Love” week which was why he had hearts on his cape.  Basically, he can’t dance.  Normally that would really annoy me and I would want him voted out right from the start of the competition but this performance was brilliant – from his serious matador face to the skips towards the end of the routine via the random Nazi salute in the middle (no, it wasn’t really one, it was just an unfortunate camera angle of Dave sticking his arm out) and the side steps with the overhead hand claps (for want of a better description) the whole thing was hysterical.  You can even hear laughing in the background (I suspect that was Bruno – at least he didn’t fall off his chair, he saved that for last week lol).  Unfortunately, what you don’t see in this recording is Craig Revel Horwood’s face when Bruce Forsyth goes to him for his comment – priceless!  I’m sure any Americans reading this know about Len and Bruno (we had them first!) but Craig is the “baddie” judge (he’s lovely really) and his “dis-ahhh-ster” comment is legendary.  He said Dave was dreadful and he looked like this:


Anyway, I hope I haven’t bigged up Dave’s performance so much that you’re disappointed but I just think it’s classic!  Enjoy.   🙂

Dave Myers & Karen dance the Paso to ‘I Would Do Anything For Love…’ – Strictly Come Dancing – BBC – YouTube.

I’ve just watched it again and Karen Hauer deserves a medal for keeping a straight face LOL!


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