God – and giraffes?

I’ve been reading “E-Squared – Nine Do it Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” by Pam Grout which is a really interesting book.  The experiments are designed to prove there is an energy field (God) that responds to your thoughts and beliefs.

One of the experiments is to prove that by changing what you look for, you can change what appears in your reality.  You are being bombarded with information all of the time and your reticular activating system (which is a group of cells at the base of the brain stem) sorts the data and filters out anything that doesn’t fit in with what you believe.  Have you ever had the experience of thinking about something (maybe the make and model of a new car you would like) and then seeing it everywhere?  By setting your intention to see a certain object, you should find that it appears.  The author suggests looking for yellow butterflies but, me being me, I decided that would be too easy as I already see lots of butterflies so I settled on finding giraffes.  They are not something I would normally look out for as none of my guides use giraffes as their sign.

I spent the next 24 hours looking for giraffes.  At lunchtime, I searched through a card shop and the toy section of a pound shop and I looked in the windows of a charity shop and a book shop.  How many giraffes did I see?  None!  Obviously, I am blocking giraffes.  😦  I told my colleague about this (there you go Marie, you’ve got a mention lol) and she looked for them too and was astonished to find that she couldn’t find (as it were) any giraffes either.  Two days later, while I was out with my sister, I told her what I was doing.  I had to go over the road to a shop and I told her I would meet her at her car.  When I got there, she asked me if I’d seen the giraffe!  She had seen one in a charity shop that I had passed earlier.  How did she do that?

The next day, I was listening to Stephen Mulhern and Emma Willis’s radio show on Heart and I heard the celebrity correspondent talk about Naomi Campbell’s new TV show, “The Face”.  One of the other models on the show was described as a cross between a giraffe and a stork!  Ha!  My first giraffe.  Not a solid, touchable one but a giraffe nonetheless.

The following evening, after I had got home from work and made my dinner, I looked in the TV Times to see what was on and the first programme I saw was “Nature Shock: Giraffe Feast” on Channel 5, which happened to be on at that very time so I put it on briefly just to see some giraffes but not long enough to see them getting killed by lions.  Later that evening, I was watching a recording of “Strictly, It Takes Two” (the companion show to “Strictly Come Dancing”) and Zoe Ball mentioned that Pasha Kovalev said Rachel Riley is a bit like a giraffe stomping around.

Since then, I’ve heard giraffes mentioned on “Whitechapel” (giraffes, crocodiles and, I think, Rhesus monkeys were the animals eaten by the members of the dining club in the cannibal story) and on “Have I Got News For You” (by Mark Steel when he was talking about the sort of story the Daily Mail would publish).  He said “At least once a week there’ll be a story in there that goes ‘Have you seen this woman in a council estate and she’s got 403 kids and they’re all on benefits and now she’s bought a giraffe and the giraffe’s on benefits (LOL) and now she’s said to the government that she can’t fit the giraffe in the house, it’s getting a crick neck so they’ve put it up in St Paul’s Cathedral…'” (Can I put that many quotation marks together?  It looks odd.)  So, the big question is, did I hear him say that about the giraffe because I’m now allowing giraffes into my world (and I wouldn’t have heard that while I wasn’t allowing them in) or did I put the idea in his head because I’m thinking about them and we are all connected (so he wouldn’t have said that if I hadn’t been thinking about them) or could it be both of those things?  There’s a poser for you!  I often think like that.  I’ve got a weird mind.  😉  By the way, if you want to see that episode of HIGNFY, it’s the one where Richard Osman (who is normally on the quiz show “Pointless”) is the host.  I love “Pointless”.  I went to see it being recorded this year, which was brilliant, and I took some calendars of my fractal images for Richard, Alexander Armstrong and Fin Taylor who was the warm-up man.  I hope they liked them.  Anyway, back to the giraffes.

I’ve also seen a giraffe photobombing a couple on holiday.  Funnily enough (seeing as the fictional giraffe on benefits story was supposed to be an example of what is printed in the Daily Mail), I’ve just found the picture in the Mail Online, which wasn’t where I saw it originally.  I first saw it on the Huffington Post. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2425491/Giraffe-photobombs-couple-safari-park-blowing-raspberry-camera.html is the link if you want to read the story and see the giraffe when it is not sticking its tongue out.

Classic photobombing pose: Conan the giraffe blows a raspberry as he invades this couple's photo

And, when I went in Marks & Spencer, right in front of me was a jumper with a giraffe on it!

M&S Collection Cotton Rich Giraffe Twisted Knit Jumper

This is taken from M & S’s website.  I did take a photo on my (ancient) phone but can I send it to myself in an email?  Can I heck!  I don’t know how to configure it.  😦

Then, when I was setting the theme for my blog, I found one called Pachyderm.

I think I’ve got the hang of giraffes now.  Perhaps it’s time to move on to something else.


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