The flag of Scotland (Saltire or St Andrew's Cross)
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Aye Or Nay? And What About England?

So, Scotland voted today on whether they want independence from us or not.  Does anyone from England care about the result?  I don’t think so.  It’s not like we’re going to go to war with Scotland if they decide to go it alone! If they want to be independent, good luck to them.  I wish…

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Are You Working With A Psychopath?

I saw a very interesting programme on Saturday night.  I had thought it was just one of those Channel 4 “top 10″ programmes about psychopaths in films but it turned out to be a documentary about real-life psychopaths too and it was fascinating. You don’t have to be a killer to be a psychopath.  They…

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Are You A Synesthete?

Recently, I came home from work, fed my cats then went upstairs to get ready to go out. As I came down the stairs I said to myself “Their dinner smells loud”. I didn’t realise what I had said straight away but then I thought that was a better description than “strong”. It did actually…