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Are You A Synesthete?

Recently, I came home from work, fed my cats then went upstairs to get ready to go out. As I came down the stairs I said to myself “Their dinner smells loud”. I didn’t realise what I had said straight away but then I thought that was a better description than “strong”. It did actually…

No bikes pavement marking.
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A Cyclist Conundrum

If (oh, sorry, how stupid of me) WHEN cyclists go the wrong way up a one way street on the pavement, are they breaking one law or two?  I saw 3 of them do it today.  (I’m trying very hard not to use exclamation marks)  Unbelieeeeeevable!!!  Nah, couldn’t resist them.   :-D I wrote a poem…

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Stonehenge – and the Way Things Go Full Circle!

Yesterday, I saw a very interesting TV programme about Stonehenge (the ancient standing stone circle in Wiltshire, England).  You can watch it here for the next 5 days.  It was lovely to see the presenter, Alastair Sooke, deal sensitively with the Druids who celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge.  There was even a little bit about Marc…

STOP EXPERIMENTS ON KITTENS! Click on the photo to go to the petition page.

Stop Kitten Experiments – Please Sign This Petition

I’ve received an email from BUAV asking for help.  Please sign this petition now to stop kitten experiments at Cardiff University.  The petition closes on Monday so we haven’t got long.  Please help by signing the petition now and passing it on to your friends.  Thank you.